Suggested research topics for nursing students

Updated April 17, 2017

The ultimate goal in nursing is to provide high-quality, evidenced-based care to patients and their families, and help improve the health care delivery system. Nursing research helps achieve this goal by ensuring that patient care isn't dependent on instinct or outdated theories. Research projects give nursing students the chance to apply what they have learnt and cultivate their analytical thinking. It also improves their writing and presentation skills.

Health Promotion

Health promotion is a major nursing role. It helps patients take control of their health by giving them information on how to improve it and prevent diseases. To find topics in this area, you can ask questions such as: Does the level of education of patients affect their health choices? How can nurses effectively educate their patients? Do racial or religious prejudices affect the patients' response to the nurse's advice?

Geriatric Care

People are living longer but families are more spread out than ever. There are more people who live on their own without the emotional and financial support of younger family members. Geriatric care is a rich source of topics. You can explore how geriatric nursing can help improve the quality of care provided to older adults. You may also study how old age illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer's affect the patient and the whole family. You can also investigate the occurrence of elder abuse and neglect, how to prevent it and why it happens.

Nursing Roles

Nurses have many roles, depending on their area of expertise. They care for the patients in hospitals, in nursing homes or in the community. They carry out doctors' orders, but they also make their own nursing diagnoses. Information gathered through research in this area is useful in improving nurses' productivity and job satisfaction. Topics you can explore in this area include nurses' role in the early detection of health problems, their role in the effective planning of patient care and their role in helping patients' recovery.

People's Psychological and Social Reaction

Studying people's response to health problems is interesting and gives you a chance to interact with patients. In this area, you can expand on topics such as people's reaction to old age. You can examine how people's attitude to their diagnosis affects their prognosis. Also, investigate how cultural beliefs affect the patient's response to care.

People's psychological and social reactions cover every part of nursing, so this will give you a wide area to explore. To help you formulate your research problem statement, you can ask questions such as why do people respond to situations differently or how do people react to unexpected situations and does their response affect their experience?

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