Solutions for a Window in the Shower

Updated February 21, 2017

Bathroom shower windows are problematic when a homeowner worries that his privacy will be breached. It's quite difficult to relax in the shower when you are worrying that your neighbours could peek right in at you. Some might be quick to fill in a shower window, but they also provide natural light, which helps to brighten a bathroom. Instead of filling the window in, there are several clever options you can employ to protect your privacy.

Frosted Film

Frosted laminate film gives windows an expensive etched look without the expense or time. These sheets are easy to apply; you simply cut a piece to fit the window, apply it to the glass and push out any air bubbles. You can find these laminates at any home improvement store in the window treatments section. In addition to a plain frosted look, you can choose a frosted design, such as bubbles, squares or a water effect, much like you would find on a glass shower door. With the installation of frost film on your shower window, you are totally protected from outside viewers, but your bathroom still receives natural light.


Depending on the size of the window and its height in the shower, a few houseplants might be the perfect solution to your privacy concerns. If the window is high up in the shower and has a ledge, you can simply place a few houseplants in the window to block the view, provided that the window is high enough to keep the plants from being sprayed while you bathe. The bathroom is the ideal indoor environment for plants that love humidity and you might find that some of your houseplants thrive better when moved into this room. Your shower might even produce enough humidity that you never need to water the plants. Tropical plants like African violets and orchids perform very well in high humidity. Ferns and plants like heartleaf philodendron are other good choices.


If you want a quick and easy fix, hang a vinyl shower liner in the window. You can buy vinyl shower liners for a low price from any store that sells bathroom supplies. Measure the window and then cut a piece of the shower liner to fit. Attach the liner to a spring-action shower rod with simple shower hooks and secure it in the window. These types of shower rods have rubber ends that squeeze into spaces, requiring no hardware, so it will be easy to remove if you don't like the curtain. Always use a waterproof vinyl curtain in shower windows as other fabrics, such as cotton, can develop mildew when they are kept moist. After you've installed the curtain, pull it closed when you shower and open it when you're finished to receive the natural light.

Stained Glass

Homeowners who have some artistic ability or, at the very least, the ability to follow directions, can paint the window to give it a stained glass effect. This art project is made possible with the use of special coloured glass paints that you can pick up at your local craft store. You can create your own design or select a pattern to guide your work. First outline the picture with liquid leading and then fill in the areas with the coloured glass paint. The colours will be dark and thick enough to block the view of any unwanted neighbourhood audience but the sun's light will filter through, creating streams of coloured light. If you don't want to make the stained glass a permanent solution, you could draw the design on a piece of acrylic and place it over the window.

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