Is Bleach Harmful to Cooking Utensils?

Updated November 21, 2016

To keep a kitchen in good working order, you must keep the kitchen equipment clean and sanitised. A bleach sanitising solution can be used to properly clean utensils, keeping the essential kitchen tools clean and ready for use. Using diluted bleach solutions is not harmful to utensils as long as they are properly rinsed before the next use.

Sanitising Solution

Make a bleach sanitising solution by mixing 1 tbsp of nonscented, chlorine bleach into 1 gallon of warm water, recommends an article published by the North Carolina Sate University Cooperative Extension. Fill a large tub with the sanitising solution. Place kitchen utensils in a wire basket and submerge in the sanitising solution.

When to Sanitize

Always sanitise utensils after working with raw foods, especially meat, eggs and poultry. Also use a sanitising solution after moving, when utensils may have been exposed to dirt and grime. Sanitising solutions can be used to seasonally clean utensils, especially speciality items that are not used on a regular basis.


When using bleach to sanitise kitchen utensils, there are several tricks you can use to make the process easier. First, detach any removable parts from the utensils as the hinges and grooves are good hiding spots for grime and germs. Use a bleach solution on wooden, aluminium, rubber and plastic utensils. Rinse sanitised utensils with warm water, and allow them to air dry in a clean, sanitised rack. Failing to properly rinse cleaning utensils can be dangerous as bleach should not be ingested.

Cutting Boards

In addition to utensils like spoons and spatulas, wooden cutting boards are another kitchen utensil that benefits from a bleach-based cleaner, according to The Cooking Inn. Cutting boards need to be sanitised every time meat and poultry is cut on the board. Use the same sanitising solution made for soaking utensils. Dip a cleaning rag or sponge in the solution, and wipe down wooden cutting boards. Rinse with warm water, and allow the boards to air dry.

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