Plastic Coated Wire for School Crafts

Updated February 21, 2017

The thin plastic coating on traditional school craft wire is designed to be resilient, malleable, and safe to handle, and it comes in a range of different colors. Although flexible, plastic coated craft wire will retain its shape once bent or folded to create the desired craft project effect. There are other types of plastic coated wire that also can be used for school crafts, either alone or in combination with school craft wire.

Readymade Wire

There are several brands of readymade, plastic-coated wire for crafts. One example, Fun Wire, is children's craft wire that comes in different colors, lengths and gauges. The 7-foot, 22 gauge wire is one option. There are many colors to choose from including Neon Orange, Pearlized Gold, Light Blue and Clear Lemon and Lime. It is plastic coated and flexible, with excellent shape retention, according to specialist supplier Craft Cellar. Only adults should use wire cutters to trim unwanted wire. Other manufacturers of craft wires like this include Twisteez, Artistic Wire and The Crazy Wire Company.

Recycled Wire

Providing you keep in mind the safety aspect of recycling materials for use in school craft projects, you can make your own cheap, reusable craft wire that is already coated in plastic. Use a plastic coated wire coat hanger with rubber-protected ends so that the children do not scratch their skin on uncovered wire. A 6-diamond kite mobile is one way to use colored wire coat hangers for school children's craft projects, as described by Pioneer Thinking.

Knitted Wire

Knitted wire can be used successfully to make delicate items of clothing such as hand warmers or gloves, and this could form the basis of an unusual and useful school project centered around craft wire. All knitted craft wire is plastic coated to make it safe to wear and to give the garment color. According to UK based supplier Wires, who specialize in knitted wire for crafts, the pre-knitted wire comes in 3.35-inch width bands.

Sculpture Wire

Soft, pliable, plastic coated copper wire called sculpture wire is ideal for stringing and sculpting projects because it is easy to cut and bend and can form the class introduction to the art of sculpture, as opposed to drawing or painting. Wire sculptures are found in many international galleries by renowned artists.

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