Tips on Using Easy-Off Heavy-Duty Oven Cleaner

Written by nick davis
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Tips on Using Easy-Off Heavy-Duty Oven Cleaner
Easy-Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner keeps your oven looking like new. (pizzas in an oven image by Alison Bowden from

Easy-Off Heavy-Duty Oven Cleaner is an aerosol chemical for noncontinuous, or self-cleaning ovens, that removes caked-on debris and grease. The cleaner penetrates debris quickly and dissolves the substance without having to use an abrasive tool to break up the debris. Easy-Off Heavy-Duty Oven Cleaner is available at grocery, retail, home improvement and online stores as well as certain hardware stores.

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Personal Protection

When using Easy-Off Heavy-Duty Oven Cleaner, open all doors and windows leading into your kitchen or other area you are using the cleaner in. Also wear rubber gloves and a nose mask to keep the cleaner off your hands and from getting into your lungs. The cleaner contains a strong odour and should not be breathed in.


Only spray the cleaner on your oven's internal surfaces. Do not apply Easy-Off Heavy-Duty Oven Cleaner to stainless steel or chrome cookware, handles, knobs and other surfaces; the cleaner can discolour the items and cause dents to form in the stainless steel or chrome. Also do not use the cleaner on aluminium surfaces as it can cause pits and dents in the aluminium as well as discolour it.

Wiping off Debris

After spraying Easy-Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner, let it penetrate the grease and debris for at least five minutes, and wipe off the grime with a soft cloth or rag. Change the cloth or rag out with a clean one when it becomes too soiled.

Hob Usage and Overspray

Do not use Easy-Off Heavy-Duty Oven Cleaner on your oven's hob. The cleaner can damage any chrome or stainless trim on the surface and can discolour the stovetop's finish. Place newspaper under your oven to protect your kitchen or other area's flooring from Easy-Off Heavy-Duty Oven Cleaner overspray. Keep a wet cloth or rag close by to wipe off any overspray from cabinets or other surfaces immediately.

Follow up

After removing the debris and grime build-up from your oven, mix in a pot 2 cups of vinegar and 2 cups of cold water. Dip a clean, soft cloth or rag in the vinegar solution, wring out excess and wipe your oven's interior panels with the wet cloth or rag to remove any Easy-Off Heavy-Duty Oven Cleaner and grime residue. Turn on your oven, set the temperature dial to 148 degrees C, and let it heat for 15 minutes before using it to prepare a meal. You will notice a slight smell and stream coming from the oven, which is OK because it will cease quickly. Keep pets out of the kitchen while cleaning and heating the oven after the cleaning process.

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