Things to say to your best friend on their birthday

Updated April 17, 2017

When it comes to workmates or long distance family or friends, it may not be difficult to come up with a kind birthday message, as simple greetings suffice for these types of acquaintances. Finding the right words for your best friend, however, can be harder, but luckily you know the person very well and have a wealth of experiences from which to draw to help you.


Remember that whatever you say, however long or short, it needs to be positive. As points out, people can begin to despair of birthdays as they get older, since each passing year reminds them of their increasing age. Keep whatever you say upbeat and you will brush these fears away. General themes for a birthday message to a best friend can include celebrating the length and strength of your friendship, as well as how having that person in your life makes you feel. You might add that you are looking forward to many more years of that person's friendship as an end to the message.

List Qualities

A birthday is a highly suitable time to remind your best friend of just why he is such an important part of your life. You will want to let him know, whether through a birthday card or face to face, just what about him makes him fun to be around or special. For example, it might be that he is always there for you, is especially thoughtful or is someone with whom you can always relax. List the qualities that make your best friend shine.


You have most likely known your best friend for years, so remind her of all the special times you have had together. You can take this trip down your collective memory lane verbally, but you might want to list a few memories in a birthday card, perhaps illustrated with pictures of holidays, road trips and parties you have experienced together. Consider including what each memory means to you.

Poem or Song

While a birthday message on the phone, in person or via a card is enough for many people, you can go a step further by putting your feelings or wishes in a poem or song. Write this yourself if you are feeling creative, but if you need inspiration or something ready-made, check websites such as for poems and songs written about close friendships.

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