Survival Kits and Ideas for a Fun Marriage

Updated April 15, 2017

Starting a life together with the person you love is exciting. Everything is an anticipated event. Eventually, the anticipation wears off and some things become too predictable and wind up boring. Keep the sparks flying and the fun alive through imagination and a little help from others that know. Be willing to explore, change the routine and give into the requests of your partner once in a while, and the marriage that takes a lifetime to perfect will be worth the effort.

Marriage Survival Kits

Survival kits are available on the Internet, novelty stores, books stores and craft stores. You can make your own if you want to be more creative. For newlyweds, a marriage survival kit should include items that get them started, such as a lollipop to help the happy couple lick their problems no matter how big, a pack of gum to stick them together, or a rubber band to remind them to be flexible through a give-and-take marriage. Put together a kit of foods like a lemon to remind you to make lemonade when things get tough, Good'n Plenty to remember the good times and wish plenty of them, and sweet and sour candy to point out the differences that make you a couple.

Funny Times

Keep fun in the marriage by making laughter part of the equation. Make it a rule that each person has to share a joke during dinner every day. Write a funny saying or joke on a slip of paper and put it in his trousers pocket. Surround yourself with people that laugh; it will rub off on you as a couple. Smile when you don't feel like it. Have a movie night and watch comedies with some comfort foods as a side dish.

Date Night

Leave the house and do something outdoors. If it's winter, learn to ski or ice skate together. Go bowling and keep score for a later rematch date. Check out a video arcade and play as a couple. Walk around your favourite town and visit a flea market. Pick something up to remember you day together. Visit a car dealer and test drive some cars just for the fun of it. Run hand-in-hand through the park. Go back to where you met, pretend you don't know each other, and get acquainted. Find a karaoke bar and sing a favourite duet. Check your local area for a comedy club and laugh together.


Short weekend trips can include a stay near an amusement park where you try all the rides. River boat rides that include entertainment are a great over night trip. Spend the weekend in a historic town and visit the sites and learn some history together. Visit the spots where you were each born; try to find the room where it all took place. Go to a spa and get pampered, then finish the day off with a romantic dinner and dancing.

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