Wedding rings from the 1960s

Updated February 21, 2017

Each era brings its own influence on the world, and the 1960s was a whirlwind decade for fashion, style and beauty. The design of wedding rings were not left untouched by the 1960s decade. The first half of the decade, wedding rings had a classic and simple focus on design. As the beginning of the decade turned into the middle and end, however, wedding rings went through a transformation; one that made the design innovative to the '60s.


At the beginning of the 1960s, brides commonly wore three-stone wedding rings. Typically, these rings had one large stone in the centre, flanked by two smaller stones of the same size on either side of the big centre stone. The wedding band was worn with the engagement ring and the bands of the bride and groom matched --- with the woman's version being slightly thinner and more feminine than the man's wider and more masculine version.


During the middle part of the decade, the solitaire engagement and wedding ring emerged. While the Tiffany-style six-prong solitaire first found popularity in the Victorian era of the 1800s, the solitaire wedding ring made a comeback around 1965. In essence, the traditional, but complex look started to transform into a simple look and design. Some women began to only wear the solitaire as both their engagement and wedding ring, without using a wedding band as part of the ensemble. Other women still wore a thin band along with the solitaire.

Hippie Influence

As the end of the 1960s emerged, the hippie way of life became a huge influence on all of the fashion world, including wedding rings. At this time, wedding bands went from a thin gold band to a much wider style. Many bands also came with details engraved onto the bands, typically in an asymmetrical design. Many women abandoned the diamond or engagement ring altogether and simply wore the wide wedding band instead. Both men and women took on this fashion and wore these bands, typically styles that matched each other.


As the 1960s were coming to an end, another popular wedding ring was the cluster. A cluster ring created one large centre stone by clustering many small stones together. Primarily, these were diamond clusters, but some women wore other gems. These rings were worn both with and without the accompanying wedding bands.

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