Religious Easter Decorations

Updated February 21, 2017

For Christians, Easter means more than bunnies and eggs. It is a sacred holiday commemorating Christ rising from the dead on the third day after his death on the cross. To honour this, religious decorations are used in homes and churches during the Easter season. These decorations serve to remind those who see them of the Easter story beyond the egg hunts and Easter bunnies.


The cross is a symbol of Christianity all year, but it becomes especially important at Easter. The symbol of Christ hanging on the cross shows His suffering, but an empty cross can be used to represent that Christ rose from the dead. Hang either cross in your home or church. A single cross surrounded by flowers can be a tabletop centrepiece.

White Easter Lilies

Arrange potted Easter lilies around your home or church. Easter lilies can be given to others as gifts for the Easter holiday. Legend holds that the Easter lily grew in the ground of the garden of gethsemane from the places where Christ's blood and sweat dropped as He prayed before being arrested. These plants also have further religious meaning for Christians. They symbolise the resurrection of Christ, but they also can represent Christ's mother, the Virgin Mary.

Empty Tomb

Use a paper mache or plastic set of garden rocks and stack them in a pile. Remove the rocks from one side of the pile to make the pile resemble a cave. Set one large rock to the side of the "cave." The "cave" represents the tomb Christ was buried in on Good Friday, and the rock to the side represents the stone that was found rolled away from the entrance on Easter morning. The empty tomb on Easter morning was discovered by a group of women who went to visit Christ's body, but when they saw the tomb was empty, they realised that He had risen from the dead, and they went to spread the word.


Arrange stuffed or ceramic lambs around your home. In the Bible, Jesus Christ was referred to as the "lamb of God." Using lambs to decorate reminds visitors that Christ sacrificed His life, as the lamb was used in ancient times as a sacrifice to God.

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