Ideas for School Secretary Speeches & Posters

Updated July 20, 2017

Running a campaign for school secretary is a challenging endeavour. The student runner is competing against other students who may also be great for the position In order to win, the campaign speech and posters must be perfect. One way to guarantee success is to look for ideas that have been used before that resulted in winning the election. Previous students who have won elections claim that the speech and posters must be unique, catchy and attractive.

Short and Powerful

The students in the audience will be listening to many speeches from all the candidates and in order to maintain the attention of the student body it is important to keep the speech short and to the point. Open the speech with a joke or a grabbing line that will catch the attention of the audience fast. An example of a joke that could be used is "I am so tired right now, you know why? I'm running for secretary of course! Another option is to use an attention grabbing line that has to do with the changes that the candidate plans to make if he wins the election. For example "Wouldn't it be nice to have a school baking club? Then the statement can be followed with a personal introduction of who this candidate is and how he plans to make this change happen.

Self Description and Goals

In every school election, there are many candidates that run for school secretary and if a student wishes to win the election, he must make it clear to the audience what makes him deserving of the position. Before writing the speech, he should investigate what changes students want to see in the school and then include in the speech these changes as his goals for the upcoming year. The changes and goals mentioned in the speech must be promises that he is capable of keeping, unrealistic promises will turn off the students from voting for him.

Audience Focused

A person needs a reason why he should be interested in voting for the candidate, what he will get out of it. Try to avoid saying "me" or "I" too much. Instead use the word "you" and student. For example "You deserve to have a secretary that is caring and listens to every student no matter what or who." Another option is to say " As school secretary I will work hard for you, and accomplish as many of your dream school changes as is humanly possible."

Poster Ideas

Posters is an important part of the campaign because it advertises the name of the student running for secretary. The candidates most remembered are the ones who write interesting, memorable slogans on the posters. For example "Choose a leader for a change.' 'Vote for Max" Another example is "Be more. Get more.' 'Vote for CRISTY." The name of the candidate running should be in bold, capital letters because the students need to remember the name to vote for on the ballots.

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