Sports themed worksheets for kids

Children's worksheets have many different uses that range from providing an entertaining activity to enhancing learning and development. Whether you are teacher planning a lesson on the history of sports or a parent looking for a rainy day project for your young athlete, sports-themed worksheets can be a great option for kids from toddlers to teens.

Sports Math Worksheets

Make learning more enjoyable by using a sports-themed addition or subtraction worksheet. You can download and print these pages from many different kids, education and printable websites. Look for free worksheets to reduce costs. For example, TLS Books offers free printable math worksheets in a football theme. These basic pages have football helmet images with simple math problems inside. Instead of simply handing out boring number pages, these athletic printables will add interest for the sports-minded student.

Sports Coloring Pages

Colouring pages can easily be used to help young children (preschool and early elementary school aged) express their creativity, learn about a specific subject (i.e., sports) and explore art concepts such as colour or shape. Colouring page worksheets typically contain a simple black and white image that the child can decorate as he sees fit. Sports-themed colouring worksheets may include sporting equipment such as baseball bats, soccer balls, footballs or a basketball or scenes of athletes engaging in activities.

Sports Word Search Worksheets

A word search can help the student to learn important reading and language arts concepts. Explore literacy skills through a sports-themed worksheet that contains pictures of football players, basketballs, soccer and more. Additionally, the sports-themed word search will have vocabulary tied to the specific sport featured. For example, the Kaboose Website offers a free printable football word search worksheet that includes a picture of a helmet along with several football themed words (e.g., referee, touchdown, yards, coach). Students must look through the letter grid to find and circle the sports words.

Sports Stats and Trivia

An older student may bore easily with simple sports colouring pages. Interest the more advanced learner with a worksheet that features statistics or trivia from a favourite team or sport. These pages can be found on many free printable and sports websites such as TLS Books or Trivia Champ. Some worksheets may contain crossword puzzles or pictures along with the trivia, while others may feature a sports themed quiz. Use these worksheets to introduce new information, connect to a social studies or history lesson or improve memory and recall skills.

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