Bedroom decorating ideas for teen boys

Updated February 21, 2017

A teenage boy's bedroom is a sacred space. Not only is it one of the few places he can call his own, it's a place where he thinks, creates and formulates his ideas of himself and the world. Decorating a teen bedroom takes consideration and planning, both for the teen and his parents or caretakers, but it should also be totally his. When coming up with design ideas, determine whether your teenager likes to relax or re-energise when alone.


For an ultra-modern look, go minimalist. Leaving the walls bare, with exposed brick, or painting them a solid colour, will create a modern, low-key look for a teen. Leave a nook for instruments, like drums or guitars, by the bed. When designing closet space, leave it small and simple. Unless the teenage boy is into clothes, try to ask him if he might want to use the closet for another purpose, such as a dark room for making photographs or for storage of his school books and notebooks. For a bolder look, painting the walls more daring colours, like hot orange, neon green or cinnamon red, creates an energising look. Also adding a low-maintenance plant, such as a fern, cactus, or rubber tree plant can help bring the room to life.

Art Space

Design a room for a young artist with plenty of space on the walls for him to paint a mural or design a picture collage. In this kind of minimal room, the true design elements come from the artist himself, what he decides to add on the walls, ceilings, countertops and fill his closets with. Keep the bed low to the ground, the dressers simple and leave the floors unfinished, either with hardwood or linoleum; if he spills any paint, spray paint or glue, it will be easy to clean up. Adding a writing or drawing desk, and extra lighting is helpful. Also, a couch is a ideal if he likes to have friends, or his parents, hang out in his room.

Pad & Hangout Room

In a pad-like space, the room becomes a conglomeration of seating arrangements. Depending on the size of the room, adding two or three small couches or armchairs makes the bedroom more like a living room, which is the point. Add a glass or dark wood coffee table to the middle or the room, and a solid coloured rug underneath to blend the room together. A writing desk, and a separate table or desk for a computer, again, make the room look really liveable and comfortable. If he wants to have a few sodas or snacks in the room, add a mini fridge.

Zen Room

This is a room for either a teen that is especially stressed and needs a place to zone out, or for a teen who is more calm and orderly by nature. For a Japanese style, installing bamboo flooring, or sliding in bamboo mats, is ideal. Painting the walls neutral deep colours, like maroon, dark lavender or navy also sets a peaceful tone. For bedding, a low box-spring mattress or futon bed are fine and make the room look minimal and peaceful. Also, a hardwood writing desk is essential for the studying and reading. If the parents or caretakers agree, adding a few candles and incense around the room will help set the zen tone.

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