Door Gift Ideas for a Wedding

Door gifts for weddings are more commonly known as wedding favours. Giving a gift to departing wedding guests was once a practice only of the rich, who gave their guests crystal, porcelain, or gold boxes encrusted with precious stones and filled with candies. Over time, more and more brides began giving gifts to their guests. The extravagance of the gifts is typically dependent upon the budget of the bride. She'll want to give the most extravagant and memorable gift possible, as a way to leave a positive and lasting impression on wedding guests.

Decorative Place Cards

Decorative place cards will make great wedding door gifts, as the guest can take keep it for future use. A printed place card in a porcelain frame can be placed on the recipient's desk. An attractive luggage tag can be hung on the back of each person's chair and then attached to his luggage for travel.

Personalised Gifts

Wedding door gifts personalised with the name of the bride and groom are always appreciated as a keepsake memento. The personalised door gift can be something that can be consumed, like chocolate bars or hard candies with custom labels. The bride could order lip balm in a personalised tube, and disposable cameras with in a custom wedding package are always appreciated. On the more extravagant side, engraved silver photo frames or champagne flutes can be kept and displayed forever.


Give fan door gifts as guests arrive if the wedding is on a hot summer day. Asian silk fans are a lovely touch for Asian weddings and weddings of other nationalities. Buri fans give will give the wedding a more Caribbean feel. For an old-fashioned wedding, give guests lacy Victorian fans.


A photo of the bride and groom in a lovely frame is a great memento of the wedding. Be sure to put the photo in a lovely frame with the names of the wedding couple and the wedding date. Another option is a photo coaster. Be sure to write a thank-you on the back of the photograph.

Homemade Gifts

Not all wedding door gifts need to be expensive. Homemade favours make great gifts for your guests when they are done well. Wrap homemade cookies attractively in cellophane and add a personalised label. Make a huge batch of fudge and package it in small tin keepsake boxes. Burn CDs with music you chose especially for the wedding; light-scribe an engagement photo on the CDs to make them more professional looking.

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