Summer Assembly Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

In the days of high school, there are few things that will excite a child more than having an assembly. True, this is mostly because it gets them out of class, but assemblies are also opportunities to teach children as a conglomerate as well as establish a sense of belonging and camaraderie. However, assemblies do not always have to be during the height of the school year. You can arrange a number of assembles in the summer or near the summer term that will still excite the children.

Law Figures

Though children often get antsy and unruly during the months preceding summer, that is a good time to bring in a local law figure to inform the children on the punishments of vandalism and loitering. During the summer, children often run out of things to do and can get into trouble. However, having a firm idea of what is expected of them can veer children away from a path that can lead to crime, either intentional or unintentional. It is a good idea to implant this information just before summer break.

Sports Rally

School pride does not diminish over the summer; it simply takes a back seat to activities that might be fresher in the minds of students. This causes summer activities such as baseball, soccer, or early football to take a back seat to the other things happening in a student's life. Have a sports rally before a big baseball game to further encourage a student's school pride, even after the school months. It will also bring school friends together to hang out in the months where it is less common for them to see one another.


Students still like hanging out with one another, even during the summer. However, students can get into trouble when not under the supervision of parents or teachers during the lazier summer months. Have a school carnival to bring those friends back under the eyes of authority figures while allowing the children to have fun with one another in approved, safe ways. You can have games like dunk tanks, balloon-target dart games, ring toss, or rally races for prizes. You can also have talent shows, air-bounces and all kinds of carnival food like funnel cakes and candyfloss. Students can play games, win prizes and meet up with friends they might not regularly see during the summer.


Just as you can wrap the school year up with an assembly, you can kick off a new school year with one. Start the assembly with a fun activity like a random lottery where you put one ticket underneath a chair in the audience. Whoever is randomly sitting at that chair can win some kind of prize. Then, you can have some teachers talk about how to best manage the students' time now that they are back to work. Describe any new school rules or existing school rules that are to be further enforced, and introduce any new teachers that are joining the staff for the first time. Have some kind of entertainment at the end of the Kick-Off assembly like a hypnotist or a motivational speaker so that the kids also have some fun before going back to the old grind.

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