Camps for Teens That Love Animals

Updated July 20, 2017

Teens that love animals benefit from attending a summer camp focused on their passion. When considering a camp, explore the various activities offered by the camp, the camp environment and the qualifications of the staff. Summer camps for teen animal-lovers should have qualified staff to teach the teens about the animals and answer any questions they may have.

Amusement Park Camp -- Florida

Busch Gardens offers teens behind-the-scene opportunities during their weekly camp. During the Adventure Camp, teens are allowed to stay at the park. Teens help feed the animals, clean the various animal habitats and watch the employees train the animals. At Busch Gardens, the teens get to hand-feed certain animals. Teens can also tour the Busch Animal Outpost and the Animal Hospital while at camp.

Horse Camp -- Colorado

Teens who love horses will enjoy the YMCA Wrangler Program. The program is two-weeks long and is located in the Black Hills. All teens have a horse provided to them at the beginning of the program; the camp encourages horsemanship skills, allowing each student to care for the horse and ride every day. During the second week, teens will partake in a four-day excursion into the wilderness, using their horse as their only form of transportation. All campers are required to have previous riding experience prior to enrolment.

Wildlife Camp -- Massachusetts

Drumlin Summer Camp in Massachusetts is on a wildlife sanctuary. The camp has an Animal Apprentice program, ideal for teens who want to learn about domestic and wild animals. Wildlife experts teach the teens about animals, and the teens gain experience working with animals directly. In addition, the teenagers complete an animal-based stewardship program. All camps are four days long.

Science / Zoo Camp -- Missouri

Cub Creek Science Camp features their own on-site zoo in Rolla, Missouri, at their Bear River Ranch, which is accessible to all campers. The program allows teens to personalise their courses. Cub Creek Science Camp offers an animal-adoption program, where teens will care for one of the animals at the zoo during their stay. Other classes allow teens to work with veterinarians, study alongside field experts and create sketches of the various animals found on safari.

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