Romantic Gift for My Boyfriend

Updated June 20, 2018

Thinking of romantic presents to show your boyfriend how much he means to you can be difficult. As Valentine's Day approaches, the stores seem to be full of tacky and meaningless presents, and he isn't helping you with any ideas. Finding out a few romantic gift ideas for your boyfriend can give you options for gifts that can make him feel special any time of the year.

Romantic Getaway

Treating your boyfriend to a short holiday away is a great romantic gift because it gives you time to enjoy away from the stresses and pressures of home. It may require some subtle questioning to work out the best time to plan something, but you can find a cheap weekend getaway in various places across the USA. The U.S. has many different romantic places, from beautiful cities such as San Francisco and New York to secluded, rural towns and villages across the country.

Be Creative

A big issue with many commercially produced romantic gifts is that the personal element is altogether missing. Express yourself creatively to make a romantic gift on a budget. Writing him a poem or a song can bring true romance to your occasion. Try to avoid clich├ęs and focus on more personalised sentiments. Think about the best times you've had together and try to capture that feeling with your writing or music. Writing a poem is easier if you're shy, because you can just give it to him to read instead of performing it. You can even present your poem in something special, such as a secret message arrow.

Name a Star

Paying to name a star for your boyfriend is a romantic and magical gift that will not only be with him for his entire life, it will remain throughout history. You can name stars through services like the International Star Registry, and in return you get a certificate displaying the star's telescopic coordinates and the constellation in which it appears. This also comes with an astronomical chart, showing the precise location of the star you named.

Book of Promises

This initially seems like a cheesy gift idea, but giving your boyfriend a book of promises is a very romantic gift. The idea is that you compile a booklet with a promise on each page, which can be anything from giving him a massage after a hard days' work to promising to watch his favourite TV program with him. The idea is to make promises that would show him how important he is throughout your everyday life. A book of promises, far from being cheesy, is a way of saying that you will do whatever you can to make him happy.

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