The Best Cover Letters for Assistant Teaching Jobs

Updated March 23, 2017

Cover letters are brief introductory letters that often accompany a resume in the job application process. The cover letter highlights personal features that may not be mentioned on the resume and discusses the candidate's qualifications for the specific job in question. For teaching assistant jobs, the cover letter should focus on the qualifications and the passion for working in the teaching environment.

Basic Formatting

The assistant teaching job cover letter should have the same basic formatting as any cover letter. Your name, address, phone number and e-mail address should be placed in the upper left corner, so the employer can easily identify your application. The employer's address and company name should be located underneath your personal information. The body of the cover letter should follow after the employer's address and the cover letter should end with your name and a professional closing, such as "sincerely."

Address Position in Question

Start the body of the cover letter by mentioning the position in question. Briefly mention where you have discovered the opening, using the proper title of the job position and the school or school board offering it. Discuss your perspective on the particular type of position. For instance, talk about your view on the particular age group in question for the teacher's assistant job and how you believe a teaching assistant job is a benefit in the teaching environment.

Show Your Passion

Your cover letter should reflect your passion for teaching and for children, especially if the position you are applying for requires you to work with younger children. Use previous volunteer experience and your continuous work with children to showcase your passion in the field.

Reveal Your Experience

Although your resume will highlight your past experiences in working as a teaching assistant, you should discuss your academic experience and your former employers to show your expertise in the given area. Mention school systems or positions that have taught you different things and discuss how these can benefit you as a teacher's assistant. For example, mention how you have worked closely with autistic children, if the teaching position you are applying for requires you to assist in teaching autistic children.

Teaching Achievements

Outline any teaching achievements you have obtained that would benefit you in the position. Do not simply state them in a list format, but explain how each achievement has prepared you for the position. Adding achievements also allows you to show your experience in the teaching industry.

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