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Updated November 21, 2016

Gutters must be cleaned once or twice a year and soffits need a scrub down at least once year. When gutters clog, the water cannot get into the downspouts and the roof is compromised by the water. The foundation of the house and its walls can eventually be weakened when the water finds its way over or under the gutters and down the side of the house. Built-up mould on the soffits can damage them if they are made of wood and make the house look dirty and unkempt whether they are made of wood or vinyl.


If you clean your own gutters and scrub down your own soffits, expect to spend a day or two on a ladder, scooping debris from the gutters and brushing down the soffits with bleaches and, possibly, fungicides. Rent a pressure washer from a home supply store to blast the leaves out of the gutters or spray away dirt and mould from the soffit. Plan a safe method of getting the debris into bags and off the roof. Consider safety above all.


Professional gutter and sofitt cleaners may employ the same methods you would use if you do it yourself. The advantage is you do not have to spend the time and mess doing it yourself. Additionally, you do not have to risk climbing a high ladder and removing the sometimes-heavy debris by hand. When hiring a gutter cleaning service there are a few musts. Find out what methods they use and exactly what they promise to do. Don't hire a company that is not licensed and insured.

Special tools

A number of special tools are on the market to make the task of gutter and soffit cleaning easier. Most are tools that give you agility when working in the gutter, such as combs, scoops and broom-pan combinations on long handles with a spring action handle. Another tool is a battery-operated scooper that runs with a remote control. Some tools attach to power vacuums and others attach to pressure washers.


When you decide to clean your own soffits and gutters, you might spend money to rent extension ladders and pressure washers. You may have some costs associated with debris removal such as fees at the town dump. An antibacterial cleanser or fungicide may be needed to clean the soffits. Typical costs for hiring a professional may run from £45-to-$200 dollars for about 150 linear feet of gutter and soffit.

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