Speech topics for teens

Updated February 21, 2017

Teen speeches can be hard to make, especially if you are at a loss for a topic. The best thing to do when choosing a speech topic is to think about what affects you or your friends in school. There are many topics to discuss, but if you want to make a difference, there are some topics that never get enough attention by teens.

Pertaining to Teens

Single parenting, teen pregnancy, and curfews for teens are just some topics for teen speeches. Speeches about curfews can give the pros and cons of curfew regarding crime and underage drinking parties. Teen pregnancy and single parenting can be addressed by using the life changes of someone who has become a teen parent without the help of the father or mother.


Sex predators, sexual assault and discrimination are three topics for teen speeches. Most schools have some type of support groups for gay and lesbian students or students that are affected by sexual assault in or outside of school. The topic direction for any of these subjects is open. As for sexual predators, this topic can delivered to an audience using research on how predators find kids and how to recognise someone that looks out of place in the neighbourhood or around the school grounds.

Cell Phones

Sexting, texting and cell phones in school are topics teens can discuss. Teens can address the subject of sexting, by detailing the harsh consequences of sexting on a teen's reputation. As for texting and cell phone use in school, there are many ways to prepare a speech with different angles. Teens can discuss the dangers of texting and driving or the use of cell phones to cheat or gossip while attending classes.

Internet Safety

Kids are always online, and safety is not the top priority for kids of any age, but teens usually aren't monitored by parents as much as smaller children. Teens can address the issues of giving too much information about oneself, or how predators prey on children who will talk to anyone even without knowing the person. Another angle is how to protect oneself against Internet bullying that can result in serious consequences.

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