Display boards in schools

Updated April 17, 2017

Display boards in schools are both artistic and informative. Display boards are part of the classroom decor, but also usually serve the purpose of spreading information to the students. Teachers do not need to be particularly artistic to create an exciting display board. Redecorate display boards frequently to reflect certain changes inside and outside the classroom.

Seasonal Display Boards

Create display boards to show off the seasons throughout the year. Decorate the display boards with natural images associated with each season. For example, an autumn notice board can display apple trees, falling leaves and harvest vegetables. A winter board can show snowy scenes with mountains or winter hats and mittens. For spring, display boards can display baby animals like ducklings and lambs, as well as blooming flowers. Title the boards with a quote about that particular season, such as Mark Twain's "In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours."

Birthday Boards

Create a birthday display board that showcases all the students' birthdays month by month. Write the names of the students with birthdays and the date of each birthday on individual decorations and staple them to the board. Decorate the birthday board using a theme from the particular month. For example, for the month of October, you can decorate the board in black and orange Halloween colours and write the birthdays on mini paper jack-o-lanterns. Feature December birthdays on snowflakes. Write May birthdays on tulips.

Curriculum Boards

Use a display board to communicate to students what unit of curriculum they are currently studying. Change the board with every new unit. This will invite students to take part in their own education by involving them in the learning process. For example, if the month of October is dedicated to studying the U.S. government system, make a display board titled "The U.S. Government" that artistically displays the three branches and their correlating relationships.

Current Events Boards

Create a board that displays information about current events that relate to the curriculum or that you think the students will find particularly interesting. Cut out news articles and images and staple them to the board. If an interesting poll or study has been published, display it by creating a graph or pie chart out of construction paper. Hang the board so it is eye-level with the students and therefore readable. Update the board frequently and use it as a springboard for class discussions.

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