What Kind of Reception is for a 25th Wedding Anniversary?

Updated July 20, 2017

In an era when half of marriages end in divorce, special wedding anniversaries are celebrations to enjoy. Every anniversary can be celebrated with a simple activity like a quiet dinner or a trip to the movies, but a 25th anniversary calls for something elaborate. There are several ways to celebrate the silver-anniversary occasion with family and friends.

Quiet Dinners

Couples wishing to keep it simple can celebrate their 25th anniversary by going to a special restaurant. Candles and flowers on the table provide ambience. The choice of food and drink also plays a part. If the husband and wife remember what they ate on their first date, they could re-create that first-date atmosphere. Add a bottle of wine and/or a special dessert and it makes a romantic evening. With advance notice, restaurants can accommodate couples with something special.

Family Dinners

Couples whose idea of an anniversary doesn't revolve around anything quiet can choose the family dinner route. Going out for a special meal is not a problem, but if the party size is large the restaurant will need notification ahead of time so it can configure a large table. Some restaurants come with banquet rooms where large parties can be seated. Celebrating an anniversary with a large group also is possible at home with a dinner. Get guests to bring something to contribute to a buffet-style atmosphere.

Anniversary Reunions

A family dinner is one way to go, but couples also could invite people they have known over the years to a reunion. Much like a class reunion, party favours and decorations give guests a festive atmosphere. Throw in a DJ or someone controlling music and the opportunity is there for a nice meal and fun activities afterward. Decoration examples could include old pictures of the couple, programs from the wedding and reception and souvenirs from momentous occasions.

Take a Trip

One way for couples to include friends and family, yet get away from it all, is to do a day trip to a destination. It could be an amusement park, maybe a place where the couple spent time together in the past. If a body of water is nearby like a lake or ocean, a picnic is a good way to go. Some parks have buildings to use for large gatherings, so groups can breathe in the outdoors while celebrating a good time.

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