Different Fish in Fishbowl Wedding Centerpieces

Written by nicki callahan
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Different Fish in Fishbowl Wedding Centerpieces
A fish bowl centrepiece will be a well remembered detail from your wedding. (fish in bowl image by Robert Calvillo from Fotolia.com)

Using fishbowls and live fish to decorate tables is an inexpensive way to accent the theme of your wedding. Not only will the bright colours and fluid movements of the fish mesmerise your guests, but they will also make your event memorable and distinctive. Consider renting the fish from a local pet store so that you can return them afterward. Choosing the right fish for your fishbowl centrepieces will ensure that you have fish that stay healthy and active throughout the ceremony and reception.

Betta Fish

Betta fish are an exotic yet inexpensive fish to use in fishbowl centrepieces. Male Bettas have long and fluid fins and come in a wide variety of colours. Males are the more decorative gender of the Betta fish. When using Bettas for fishbowl centrepieces, be sure to put only one fish in the bowl, as these fish are very aggressive. Growing up to two and a half inches, the Betta is an easy fish to care for and prefers the small, warm waters of a fishbowl. These fish come in many colours to complement your wedding theme and colour design.

Zebra Danios

Zebra Danios are small, striped fish who can measure up to two inches when fully matured. These fish are very easy to take care of, and hardy enough to survive in a fishbowl without a filter or heater. These fish will eat fish flakes, bloodworms and other live foods. The zebra pattern on these little danios make them a subtle, yet exotic choice for fishbowl centrepieces. Their neutral colours can be accented by coloured gems in the bottom of the fishbowl or by other coloured table decorations.

Balloon Molly

The Balloon Molly is a unique tropical fish that measures up to three inches when fully grown. These fish come in a vast array of colours, so finding the right Balloon Molly for your wedding colour scheme should be an easy task. These fish eat flakes, frozen food and as well as live food and are generally considered very easy to take care of. Adding a dash of salt to each fishbowl will also help the Mollies stay healthy and active, as they are naturally tropical fish.


While goldfish might seem a rather simple option for fishbowl centrepieces, their bright yellow and orange colours along with their hardiness make them a good option. Goldfish live well in fishbowls and will eat fish flakes, frozen foods and live foods. Choose goldfish in a variety of sizes and colours and accent their bright scales with colourful gems at the bottom of the bowl.

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