Kids' Clothes from the '70s

Updated April 17, 2017

Fashion is cyclical. What children wear today might have more in common with youth clothing from several decades ago than clothing from five years ago. The 1970s demonstrated this with a number of fashion revivals and a complete rejection of the previous fashion trends by the end of the decade.

Early '70s Girls' Clothes

Influences from the late 1960s continued on into the early 1970s. Miniskirts and flowery dresses were still popular with teenage girls, although dresses got longer during the decade. Flared jeans were popular although dresses were still common for younger girls and for formal occasions. This was also the time that brightly coloured platform shoes became trendy for teenage girls and young women.

Early '70s Boys' Clothes

Jeans were universally worn by teenage boys and young men in the early '70s. Most jeans were tight-fitting or flared blue jeans. Many boys still followed the styles of the late '60s, wearing longer hair, jeans and loose shirts. T-shirts and running shoes, particularly adidas shoes like the ROM, along with jeans were popular for many boys.

Late '70s Punks

Punk had a huge impact on teenage fashion, as did the mod revival of the late 1970s. Youth fashion began to reject mainstream '70s fashion as being too close to the 1960s hippie fashion and culture. Both boys and girls joined the punk culture, wearing torn tight jeans with a straight or skinny cut. Classic '50s leather biker jackets were seen as cool, and hair was spiked or cut short. The group that was into disco maintained much of the style of the early '70s, with large lapels and flared trousers. Disco colours were bright and light.

Late '70s Changing Youth Fashion

A revival of mod style, with jackets with smaller lapels, skinny ties and straight silhouette trousers, became popular in the late '70s. Girls' clothing also changed near the end of the decade. Lapels were shorter, neck scarves became fashionable and spandex was popular.

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