Good places to have a baby's first birthday party

Updated February 21, 2017

It's your baby's first birthday and you are ready to celebrate. The first birthday party is really more for baby's parents and family members than the baby herself, as she won't remember it. Plan on a short party so your baby doesn't become overly tired or overwhelmed. Pick a fun party venue or keep things close to home.


If your one year old is shy and becomes overwhelmed in new situations, you may want to keep the party at home. A home party will work well if you keep the guest list short, unless you have a large home that can accommodate a large group of guests. Decorate your dining room and living room with party streamers, "Happy Birthday" tablecloths, and balloons. You may want to decorate your baby's high chair as well. Serve finger foods the birthday baby can eat, which will also appeal to older family members. Skip nuts, raw vegetables, and any foods that baby can choke on.

Play Center

A one year old who enjoys getting out in the world may love a party at a local play centre. Choose a play centre that caters to babies and toddlers and that doesn't have play areas that are dangerous for very small children. You may also want to see if you can hire a party guide from the play centre to keep the baby and younger guests entertained while adults can socialise. Try to avoid hiring people who dress up as storybook or television characters, as larger-than-life characters can frighten your baby.


Take the party outside if your baby was born during the warmer months. You can have the party outdoors in your backyard or at a local park. Bring a small fence to keep the party enclosed and reduce the risk of a small party guest wandering off. Plan simple outdoor activities that will keep baby and younger guests occupied, such as blowing soap bubbles, reading a story, or simply having the guests run around and play.

Reception Hall

If baby has a large number of relatives and friends, you may want to rent a local reception hall for his party. You may be able to get space at your church or a local school, either for a small price or for free. Decorate the reception area so it is cosy and comfortable for your baby. You may want to set up a fenced play area full of cushions and baby toys and hire one of baby's older cousins or babysitters to keep an eye on the children during the party.

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