Kid's clothes from the 1920s

Written by reese armstrong | 13/05/2017
Kid's clothes from the 1920s
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The 1920s brought about a big change in fashion for both adults and children. People began to push the trends and show the rebellion of the era. Rather than wearing adult-like clothes, frilly outfits and traditional hats, clothing for boys became more masculine. This era began the design clothes with children and play in mind.

Girls Clothes

During the summertime of the 1920s, girls wore simple cotton dresses, called frocks, canvas shoes, and cardigans. This was much different to the many layers of clothing that were worn by girls decades past. During the winter, girls would wear serge skirts, hand knitted jerseys and sometimes liberty bodices, which were long vests with suspenders. Brighter colours, along with gingham patterns also began to be worn by children in this time period.

Boys Clothes

During this era boy's clothing became less girlish; they no longer wore dresses and lace collars at a young age. Boys would generally wear knee length trousers in both the winter and the summer, with canvas shoes in the summer and boots in the winter. Woollen jerseys were worn in the winter by boys and in the summer they wore simple T-shirts. Boys from more wealthy families still wore velvet suits.

Baby Clothes

The 1920s also brought about a more comfortable and practical dress for babies. During this time period babies wore rompers, short cotton dresses and matinee jackets.


Before the 1920s, proper children's dress included a hat. During this time period, girls began to wear ribbons that were 5 to 6 inches wide, which eliminated the need to wear a hat. Also during this time socks became shorter; most socks were ankle height, except for colder months.

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