The Best Electric Tabletop Grills

Updated February 21, 2017

Electric tabletop grills are popular alternatives to outdoor gas and charcoal grills. Electric grills come in two main styles. Open grills provide single cooking surfaces similar to gas and charcoal grills, while contact electric grills have two cooking surfaces designed to sandwich or clasp down on foods. The best electric tabletop grills have large non-stick cooking surfaces and provide powerful heating elements for optimal cooking.

Sanyo HPS-SG3

The Sanyo HPS-SG3 tabletop grill is an open-style grill that offers a 17-inch by 12-inch non-stick grilling surface, which amounts to over 200 square inches of grilling space. The Sanyo HPS-SG3 has a 1,300-watt electric heating element, which can deliver 4,439 British thermal units, or BTUs, of heat. Features include a cool-to-the-touch base and handles, adjustable temperature control and a removable dripping pan that collects grease and helps prevent smoking.

Lifestyles Countertop Electric Grill

The Lifestyles Countertop Electric Grill is a 2011 Reviewer's Choice Finalist on the consumer review resource Buzzillions. The circular grill, manufactured by Deni, offers a 12-inch diameter, non-stick cooking surface, which amounts to 113 square inches of total grilling space. The Lifestyles Countertop grill has a 1,300-watt heating element, which is capable of heating to 232 degrees Celsius. While it is open-style, the grill comes with a glass lid to help trap in moisture. Other features include an adjustable thermostat, a grease collector and a removable grilling surface for easy cleaning.

Cuisinart GR-4

The cuisinart GR-4 is a versatile contact-style grill with an 11.5-inch by 9-inch non-stick cooking surface, which amounts to 103.5 square inches of total grilling space. The cuisinart GR-4 can also operate as an open-style grill, in which case the grill can provide 200 square inches of space. This grill has a 1500-watt heating element, which produces temperatures ranging from 93.3 to 218 degrees Celsius. Features include grease collection and interchangeable cooking surfaces for different applications, such as griddling and making paninis.

Breville 800GRXL

The Breville 800GRXL is a contact-style grill with 184 square inches of non-stick cooking surface. Like the cuisinart grill, this grill can be used as an open grill, 368 square inches of cooking surface. This grill has a 1,500-watt heating element, which produces temperatures of between 350 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Features include durable, stainless steel construction and interchangeable cooking surfaces.

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