Foreign Exchange Student Gifts

Written by stephanie cai | 13/05/2017
Foreign Exchange Student Gifts
Give your exchange student a gift of love and memories. (gift gifts. image by L. Shat from

Exchange students are thrust into a new environment and immerse themselves in a new culture. Giving them thoughtful gifts will make them feel welcome and also will make them remember you after they have spent time in your home. Exchange students may also feel homesick, and giving them a gift that reminds them of home will make them even more appreciative of you.

Cultural Gifts

Your exchange student may feel homesick in a new country. Find out what kind of food or entertainment makes him think of home. When he is in school, purchase a DVD of his favourite television show from home or his favourite dessert and surprise him with it. It might make the transition to a new home easier and might enhance the relationship between the two of you.


Gift your exchange student a scrapbook so he can record all his memories during his stay. If you wish to go an extra step, print out any pictures that you have taken of the him and his experiences and start the first few pages of the scrapbook. Give him any ticket stubs, programs or souvenirs from events the two of you have attended together.


If you know that your exchange student loves to travel, give him something thoughtful but functional to use for his next travel experience, such as a personalised luggage tag, passport holder or journal that he can use to jot down his travel experiences.

Book Ideas

Find out hat type of literature your exchange student loves or give him one of your favourite books to read. This may open up a relationship between you two. Reading the same books will give you the ability to discuss them and share your thoughts. Or you can give your student fun books that will educate him on the culture he is living in to help him adjust.

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