Is Liquid Fabric Softener Safe for Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets?

Written by shauna zamarripa | 13/05/2017
Is Liquid Fabric Softener Safe for Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets?
Lurxury linens require special care. (woman in sheets image by jimcox40 from

Luxury linens, such as Egyptian cotton sheets, require special care when laundering. Using abrasive cleaners or harsh additives on this material decreases its lifespan and hardens the fabric. When it comes to detergents and fabric softener, exercise special care in selection and use.

Liquid Fabric Softener

Liquid fabric softeners clog the pores of Egyptian cotton sheets, preventing them from breathing and decreasing the lustre and gloss of the appearance. Overall, using liquid fabric softeners or laundry additives in the washer machine on Egyptian cotton can damage the sheets, according to experts at Linen and Home.

Fabric Sheets

Similar to liquid fabric softener, fabric softener sheets also clog the pores of Egyptian cotton fabrics. Do not use chemical or commercial additives to Egyptian cotton. Dry the sheets without any fabric softener to extend the life and soft feel of the material, according to Linen and Home.

Reccomeded Drying Methods

One recommended method for drying Egyptian cotton sheets is hanging the sheets to dry outside in the sun. While the sun can fade dark coloured sheets, this is an energy-efficient solution for drying white or light coloured sheets and gives the fabric a clean, fresh scent enjoyed for several days.

To preserve the appearance and softness of the sheets, set dryers on low or light air cycles when hang-drying is not an option. Be careful not to over-dry sheets as extremely hot temperatures devastate and destroy all types of bedding.

Overall Care Instructions

Egyptian cotton is susceptible to damage from extremely hot water or dryer temperatures. Only wash using cool water or mildly warm water, never exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. Select mild detergents and do not use bleach or laundry additives. Wash sheets separate from other clothing and towels and use a gentle cycle.

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