Differences in Peavey Generation Guitars

Updated July 11, 2018

Choosing between the different models in Peavey's Generation line of guitars can be difficult if you don't know what the key differences between the different models are. There are many guitars in Peavey's Generation Series, such as the Generation Custom EX, the Vintage EX and the Triple/Single EX. Learning the key differences between the different Peavey Generation models can help you decide which guitar is best for you.

Basic Specs

Most models in the Peavey Generation series have the same basic specifications, and the Generation EX and Vintage EX are two models that share these features. These models have an alder body and a maple neck, 21 frets, a three-ply pick-guard, vintage-wound bridge and neck pickups, a three-way selector switch, and an ashtray style bridge. They also have vintage tuners and a six-in-a-line headstock, which basically means that the tuning heads are all on the same side of the headstock. Generally, Peavey Generation series guitars have a 25.5-inch scale length, which is the vibrating length of the strings.

Custom EX

The Generation Custom EX strays from the standard spec in a few notable ways. The most obvious is that it features two vintage-wound humbucking pickups, as opposed to the standard single-coil ones found on most Peavey Generation guitars. This model also features an ACM acoustic modelling bridge and circuitry that have a dedicated volume control. This gives the Custom EX three dials on the body of the guitar, as opposed to two. The ACM acoustic modelling bridge and circuitry replicates the tone and resonance of an acoustic guitar.

Triple/Single EX

The Peavey Generation Triple/Single EX is very similar to the basic Generation models, except that it includes an additional pickup. There is also middle, single-coil pickup on the Triple/Single EX, as well as ACM acoustic modelling. The Triple/Single EX also comes with a five-way selector switch, giving the user a more responsive selector switch to account for the difference in the amount of pickups. However, there are no extra tone or volume controls on the model.

Chambered EX

Peavey's Generation Chambered EX is quite different from the standard Peavey Generation spec, although keeping the alder body and maple neck. The guitar features a pearloid pick-guard, which gives the body a completely different look, along with two Peavey "lipstick" pickups in the middle and neck positions. There is a normal, single-coil pickup in the bridge position, but the lipstick pickups give the guitar a lighter, open sound. To account for the extra pickup, the model also features a five-way selector switch.

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