Quick easy crafts for a craft fair

Updated April 17, 2017

Products for craft fairs should be reasonably quick to make and have low production costs. Regular cardboard as well as cereal box cardboard are excellent items to use in creating a number of products. Lots of items you already have in the kitchen and around the house can be gathered and put to good use.

Competitively priced, well-made crafts are sure to sell out, so make sure you have an ample supply of a variety of items.

Recycled Supplies

Craft products that can be created with items that are usually thrown away will naturally be the least expensive to make. Profits from using coffee or soda cans to make patio candle holders, plastic bottles used as gift containers, and a variety of boxes will be much higher. Lots of resources and ideas are available online, along with free patterns for crafts.

Scrap fabric, odds and ends of ribbon, rickrack and other bindings can all be put to profitable use in making quick easy crafts that will sell quickly.

Crafts From Inexpensive Supplies

Inexpensive supplies for craft projects can be made even less costly by purchasing them in bulk. The average costs are lower when you purchase one or two dozen unfinished wood trinket boxes from a wholesaler rather than buying single boxes at retail prices. Purchasing a kit to create a product will cost more than buying the individual items for a project in bulk.

Large Versus Small Items

Large crocheted or knitted crafts would not be considered quick easy crafts, but smaller items would. Crocheted bookmarks, book covers, jewellery or any number of smaller novelty items such as key chains usually sell very well.

Soft toddler toys such as balls, blocks and stuffed animals are quick to make, and children really enjoy them.

Decorative aprons, small kitchen appliance covers and pot holders are fairly quick to sew and can be found at every craft fair.

More Expensive Items

Gift baskets can be created in a wide variety of themes and prices. Baby shower, newlywed and special holiday baskets can be created quickly by gathering and organising a few essential items.

Packaged food products, party decoration kits and children's games and activities organised in an attractive basket can be put together fast for craft fairs.

Assemble travel kits for men, women and children inexpensively and quickly.

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