Activities to teach body parts to toddlers

Interactive activities add a little kick when teaching parts of the body to toddlers. Because toddlers have a short attention span, It's important to use activities that are short and involve repetition to help them grasp the names of the body parts. These activities make learning the parts of the body fun and easy.

Simple Puzzles

Bookstores, libraries and toy stores often have simple puzzles made out of large pieces of wood or cardboard. Invest in a puzzle that shows the parts of the body. Show your child the puzzle before it's taken apart. Demonstrate the correct way to replace the puzzle pieces. Name each body part as you put the pieces back into the puzzle. Say the name of the body part aloud as you work the puzzle and point to your body part at the same time. Ask the child to point to his foot, knee, elbow or other body part as you both locate the correct puzzle pieces.

Singing Songs

Many children enjoy singing repetitive songs that teach them body parts. Interactive songs such as "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" help your toddler quickly learn the names of body parts and where they are located. Stay tuned to your child's attention span. If you see that he is distracted allow him to play with something else, begin a new activity or take a nap. Try the song again at a time when he is not tired. If you join in the singing, hand and feet movements, he is more likely to get involved.

Read About Body Parts

Reading stories about body parts is an excellent way to teach your toddler to identify them and learn the names of the body parts. Toddlers like to read the same books repeatedly, making it an effective way for them to learn the English language and verbal skills as well. The library is an excellent source for these types of books.

Playtime Activities

Many toddlers dislike staying still while getting dressed. Teaching your child about body parts is an interesting way to distract them while they are getting dressed. For example, say, "Now let's put your little foot in this nice warm sock." Repeat this with each body part every time you dress the child. After a few days of this, try tricking him by sticking his hand into a sock or putting a mitten on his nose. He will be thrilled to correct you and will enjoy the praise for catching your mistake.

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