Ideas for Things to Put in Glass Bowls for Xmas

Written by kristen berry | 13/05/2017
Ideas for Things to Put in Glass Bowls for Xmas
Use bowls of all shapes and sizes for an eclectic display. (colorglass6 image by Jaume Felipe from

Set off a sparkling Christmas with glass bowls full of reflective items emitting a warm winter glow. Large clear or coloured glass bowls allow for a convenient display option that lasts through the holidays without having to worry about tedious cleanup at the end of the season. Combine nature with shiny ornaments or lights for an eye-catching display that warms the atmosphere with festive holiday elegance.

Pine Cones and Faux Snow

Ideas for Things to Put in Glass Bowls for Xmas
Add small ornaments for a more colourful display. (Christmas pine cones image by William Berry from

Fill a large bowl with pine cones and illuminate the bowl from the bottom with a set of battery-operated mini-lights in white or gold. For added sparkle, sprinkle faux snow over the pine cones. Use pine cones of varying shapes and sizes to reflect nature's diversity. You can also flock the pine cones in white for the effect of freshly fallen snow.

Candle Scape

Ideas for Things to Put in Glass Bowls for Xmas
Place bowls in front of a mirror for added dimension and light. (wedding decor image by Andrius Grigaliunas from

Use smaller glass bowls as candle holders. Fill the bowls with anything from decorative stones to coffee beans for supporting colour-coordinated votive candles or tapers. For example, if you're having guests over for dessert and drinks, fill five to six bowls with coffee beans and opt for brown beeswax tapers rolled in gold glitter for a display to celebrate Christmas coffee with friends. You can also fill small bowls with white floral stones and short pine sprigs under white votive candles for a simple display that mimics winter in the forest.

Classic Ornaments

Ideas for Things to Put in Glass Bowls for Xmas
Stick to one colour for larger bowls, and incorporate varying colours for smaller bowls. (Red Christmas Ornaments in a Box image by JJAVA from

Nothing says Christmas like a large bowl full of silver, gold, red or green ball ornaments. This display option makes a statement with very little effort. Use a large bowl and fill it with ornaments of the same shape and size for continuity. Add a string of battery-operated mini-lights for optimising the sparkle of the ornaments.

Retro Christmas Bulbs

Ideas for Things to Put in Glass Bowls for Xmas
Combine a variety of colours in one bowl. (Christmas lights image by Andrew Kazmierski from

Before you toss those burnt out multicoloured Christmas bulbs, unscrew them from the string and put them into a bowl or cylindrical glass vase for a display that repurposes otherwise useless Christmas lights. These colourful bulbs are ideal for more casual displays with a hint of retro charm.

Bird Nest Bowl

Ideas for Things to Put in Glass Bowls for Xmas
Line the bowl with white batting to resemble a nest in the snow. (CARDINAL image by brelsbil from

Create a glass bird's nest by lining a low, round bowl with grapevine twigs to resemble a nest made from sticks. You can also add a string of battery-operated mini-lights for added warmth. Look for red decorative cardinals or partridges at a craft store and add them to your "nest" for a bowl full of Christmas birds.

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