The Best Gym Equipment for Stomach Fat

Updated April 17, 2017

There are several pieces of gym equipment that can help you slim down and lose extra weight from your stomach area. You can use equipment specific for working the abdominal muscles or you can trim down by using cardio machines. Cardio is necessary when trying to lose abdominal fat.

Crunch Machine

You will find a crunch machine in almost every gym. The crunch machine targets your upper abdominal muscles. Positioning yourself securely in the machine by placing your feet in the ankle rollers and holding the handles. If the machine has an option to choose a weight, make sure it is challenging but allows you to accomplish around 20 repetitions. Be sure to keep good form.To complete a repetition, inhale and curl your upper body forward, squeezing your abdominals. Allow the weight to slowly pull you back to your original position. This sequence counts as one repetition.

Torso-Twist Machine

The torso-twist machine focuses on your oblique muscles, which many people call their "love handles." Make sure that the seat is adjusted to allow you to reach the arm handles. Choose your weight and kneel, or sit, depending on the machine, on the knee pad. Grasp the handles and slowly twist your hips to lift the weight, or twist your ribs, depending on the style of the machine. Slowly return to the starting position. This completes one repetition.

Elliptical Machine

Burn fat with an elliptical machine, which is cardiovascular exercise. Mount from the side and grab one of the handle bars for balance. Step on the pedals and begin to pedal, similar to a skiing motion. The proper position is to stand upright and to not lean or slouch on the rail. The elliptical machine will work your core muscles as well as raise your heart rate to burn calories.


A treadmill is a great way to raise your heart rate by walking or running. Since losing fat requires burning more calories than you consume, walking or running on a treadmill will help you lose stubborn stomach fat. The treadmill is easy to use. To mount the machine, simply step up on the belt with the machine still turned off. Switch the machine on, and very slowly and carefully increase the speed.

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