Belated Birthday Gift Ideas

Written by angela neal | 13/05/2017
Belated Birthday Gift Ideas
Treat your friend to a coffee and aspirin to help him get rid of his late-night partying hangover. (cafe solo image by Barcabloo from

If you've just realised that today or yesterday, or even last week, was your friend's birthday, don't panic. There a few ways you can save face or get her to forgive you for missing her special day. Using your imagination and keeping a sense of humour is the first step to giving a belated birthday gift.

Use Humor

Recover from the embarrassment of forgetting someone's birthday with some well-placed humour. Humorous cards on the market address the fact that you made a mistake with a picture of a slow-moving animal on the front, or another endearing reference to being late. Making someone laugh and admitting that you made a mistake may help him to forgive you for forgetting his birthday. You can also act like you completely forgot, and then surprise him moments late with the card.

Dinner Treat

If you just remembered that your friend or family member's birthday is today and you forgot to get her a gift, take her out to dinner that evening. Pretend that you didn't forget, but you were already planning on treating her to dinner or just a fun night out and it was a surprise. This is a convenient gift idea, since she may have had plans on the night of her birthday, so it would make sense to take them out the next night.

Hangover Care Package

Since people will often go out the night of their birthday and do a lot of drinking, you can put together a "hangover care package" to help get your friend through the next day. This gift is convenient if you could not treat him to anything the night before, or you didn't have time to get him a gift. Write "Barf Bag" on the front of a paper bag and place some aspirin, a bottle of sports drink or soda in the bag, along with a dark pair of sunglasses.

Electronic Greeting

If you can't get someone a gift on short notice and yesterday or today is her birthday, there are things you can send her over the Internet. Send an e-card to the person's e-mail inbox. It is just like a greeting card, which is animated or plays music, and it takes only a few seconds to pick out and send. You can also send an electronic gift card to her favourite online store.

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