Christian Women Prayer Breakfast Ideas

A prayer breakfast can bring Christian women together to share needs and support one another in prayer. The breakfast may occur at a church, home or restaurant. One important requirement includes being able to hear one another during sharing and prayer. You should also choose an environment where privacy is protected or some will not feel safe enough to share their needs.

Church Bring-a-Dish Breakfast

Invite the women to bring a dish to the church for a time of sharing and prayer. Provide a private meeting room. You can post a note on the door to discourage people from peeking into the room.

Allow the women to eat and chat freely before bringing everyone together for prayer. Remind the participants not to repeat what is shared. Ask the women to affirm the highest and best solution for each need.

If the group is large, break it up into small groups of four to five so each woman has time to share her needs and receive prayer without being rushed. Provide paper so each woman can write down the needs of group members and pray for them over the next 30 days.

Master Mind Breakfast Model

Jack Boland created "Eight Steps into the Master Mind Consciousness" as a way to bring people together for sharing prayer requests. Each participant surrenders her will to God, believes that God will provide wisdom, understands the need to transform thinking, chooses to turn the problem over to God, forgives herself for mistakes and wrong choices, asks God and the partners to support her request, accepts the fulfilment of the need and dedicates herself to live a life of service and be an example for others.

Allow each participant to follow through the eight steps. After a woman completes her eight steps, encourage the women in the group to respond to her with "I know God has heard your request and it is already done."

Prayer Breakfast Speaker

Invite a female minister or Sunday School teacher to speak to the group of women. After eating breakfast together, she might share how prayer has influenced her life or a time when praying with another brought comfort. After she speaks, break the group into smaller groups and allow the women a short time of sharing answered prayers. The group may then move to sharing current needs and concerns.

Prayer and Service

The women may come together for breakfast and prayer very early in the day. After the women have time to share needs and prayers, they may break up into smaller groups to perform service activities as a way to put feet to faith. The women may help clean the church, visit shut-ins and members in the hospital, or perform another service project.

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