Signs of pregnancy in great danes

Written by ann lapan
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Signs of pregnancy in great danes
There are many ways to tell whether or not your Great Dane is pregnant. (Great Dane smelling flower image by velora from

Great Danes are large, regal-looking dogs. Although they are one of the biggest dog breeds, weighing between 45.4 and 90.7 Kilogram, they are known for their gentle nature. However, because these dogs are so large, they can encounter quite a few health problems, which can make breeding them a challenge. Therefore, it's important to know as soon as possible if your dog is pregnant.

Increase in Size

Soon after you've bred your dog, she should start to show signs of pregnancy. One of the most obvious signs is an increase in size or weight, especially around the abdomen. This increase in size indicates that puppies are developing and growing.

Appetite Changes

During the first weeks after you've bred your Great Dane, you may notice that she has developed a decreased appetite. This is her body's way of adjusting to a pregnancy and is a good sign that she is actually pregnant. After a few more weeks, her appetite should return to normal.

Energy Decrease

Being pregnant is very taxing on the body. It requires a lot of energy from the female dog. If you notice that your dog is lethargic or experiencing a marked decrease in energy, this is a good sign that she is pregnant. As the pregnancy advances, this lethargy may be replaced with restlessness, as your dog wanders about looking for a good place to have her puppies.

Behavioural Changes

Many dogs become more affectionate when they are pregnant. This is due to an influx of hormones created by the pregnancy. Other dogs may become moody. Dogs will also spend a lot of time grooming themselves as the pregnancy advances. A change in your dog's behaviour may be a sign that she is pregnant.

Swollen Nipples

As your dog's pregnancy advances, her body begins to prepare for the puppies. The most obvious sign of this is swollen or enlarged nipples. This swelling occurs when the dog's glands expand in order to make room for the milk. The fur around the nipples starts to thin. This is to allow the puppies easy access to the milk. The nipples may also become darker.


About 30 days after you've bred your dog, lay your ear against her side. You can also use a stethoscope. You should be able to hear tiny heartbeats. These are the puppies' heartbeats. If you hear these, you can be sure that your dog is pregnant. At this point, you should also be able to feel the puppies if you gently push against your dog's abdomen.

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