Types of Kettles

Updated April 17, 2017

Tea kettles come in a variety of styles and are made in a variety of materials. Each material has its own pros and cons. When choosing a tea kettle, consider the freshness of taste it will provide, durability and how easy it is to clean and maintain. Boil time is an important consideration not only for your time, but also for the sake of energy efficiency. Consider the individual features, price range and expected lifespan of each tea kettle to find the perfect kettle for you.

Copper Kettles

Copper kettles have existed for centuries, and they are still in fashion in the 21st century for their stylish appearance that will match the decor in almost any kitchen. They are sturdy and will last for many years. Copper tarnishes easily, so buffing often with a tarnish remover may be necessary to keep up appearances. Copper kettles have a quick boiling time since they conduct heat very quickly, so boil on a low to medium heat only. The quick boil time makes copper kettles highly energy-efficient. Lower quality, cheaper copper kettles can create a slight metal taste.

Glass Kettles

Making tea with a glass kettle will give the freshest flavour of all of the tea kettle choices, since they don't leave behind any metal flavour. They are the least expensive option among the types of tea kettles. They are easy to maintain since they won't rust, but they are delicate, fragile and can break easily. Glass tea kettles can be used on a gas or electric stove. They have a slower boiling time than metal kettles, which can be beneficial to help avoid the water evaporating too quickly and causing the kettle to burn and crack.

Stainless Steel Kettles

Stainless steel kettles are the most practical choice of all of the tea kettles. They offer a fresh taste that will not leave behind a metal flavour. They have the longest lifespan of all of the tea kettles, most lasting many generations. Stainless steel tea kettles are easy to clean in the dishwasher and require little maintenance to keep them looking like new. They boil quickly, making them energy efficient. Stainless steel kettles come in many styles and colours, many in simple contemporary styles to match any decor. The colours are created from enamel that can wear and chip over time.

Cast Iron Kettles

Cast iron kettles date to antiquity and may add historic style to rustic homes. They are durable and resistant to damage, and they will last the longest of any other type of tea kettle as long as they are properly seasoned to prevent rusting. They conduct heat fast and will maintain the heat of the water for a long period once removed from the stove. Cast iron kettles are strong enough to be placed on open fires, so they are the ideal choice for camping.

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