The Best Soil for Planting Tomatoes in Containers

Written by vera leigh | 13/05/2017
The Best Soil for Planting Tomatoes in Containers
Grow tomatoes in containers. (tomato #2 image by Adam Borkowski from

If you are a gardener -- or aspire to be a gardener -- then consider growing tomatoes in containers. This is an easy way to ease into growing vegetables and other plants. You will need to choose the best soil for growing your tomatoes. The best part about growing tomatoes in containers is that you can grow them in windowsills across the country -- in contrast to growing them outdoors in specific regions with the proper soil.

Artificial Soil

Purchase artificial soil and fill your container with it. Artificial soil is made from peat moss and often contains elements such as perlite and vermiculite "to increase the drainage" as well as a little fertiliser, according to Simple Gifts Farm. They also have a wetting agent, which allows the soil to dampen well when you water it.

Potting Soil

Because it is heavy and rich with grains, potting soil can become too compact in your container; however, it is nutrient rich. Fill your container with potting soil and keep it moist.

Recycled Potting Soil

While potting soil is an excellent soil for growing tomatoes in containers, recycled potting soil is not a good choice. This is because recycled potting soil may carry some of the remnants of plant disease if your previous tomato plant suffered from a plant irritation or illness.

Peat Moss

Fill your container with peat moss or a mix of peat moss and compost, if you have a compost pile. This provides a nice balance between the effects of artificial soil and the nutrients and natural, energising effects of compost.

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