Belkin router settings for Sky Broadband

Sky Broadband provides customers with a free wireless router, but some customers prefer to use third-party equipment such as Belkin routers. This could be because customers already use this equipment, or because of a belief that the third-party router offers better performance. It is possible to use a Belkin router to access Sky Broadband services, but this will breach terms and conditions and mean losing access to Sky's technical support.


Unlike many broadband providers, Sky does not provide customers with the actual username and password required to authenticate their connection to the service. Instead the supplied router uses special software that obscures the real username and password. The username and password that the customer types in simply commands this software to connect to Sky using the real login details. As a result, you won't normally be able to authenticate a connection using a third-party router.


Several third parties have produced software that you can run while connected to Sky Broadband through the supplied router. This software will decipher the real username and password. You can then replace the router with a Belkin router to connect to Sky Broadband, typing in the real user name and password for the connection to the Internet service when prompted. (Do not confuse this with the username and password which you create for your local wireless network.) You do not need special details simply for the fact that your router is a Belkin model.


Using this software has three main drawbacks. Firstly, using third party software of any kind can be a security risk or have unpredictable performance, so vet any sources carefully. Note that tools may become outdated as Sky updates its router range. Secondly, using an alternative router is technically a breach of your contract terms and conditions. In most cases this unlikely to have any consequences, though it could be problematic if you have a wide contract dispute with Sky. Finally, if you are using an alternative router Sky will not offer any technical support if you have a problem with your broadband connection. It may be worth replacing your Belkin router with the original router supplied by Sky before contacting technical support services.


In May 2013 Sky bought out another broadband provider, Be Broadband. It said existing Be Broadband customers would continue to be allowed to use their own routers, of whatever make, an exception to Sky's usual policies. At the time of the announcement, not all connection features available on Be Broadband were available through Sky Broadband, though Sky planned to rectify this.

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