How do I call UK mobile phones in New Zealand?

New Zealand is just about as far away from the UK as you can get. However, modern technology means that you can still keep in touch with people by phone, including calls to mobile phones. You can call a mobile telephone in the UK from a fixed, landline or a mobile phone while in New Zealand. The dialling process is the same.


Ensure you have the facility to call internationally. If you are calling from a landline in New Zealand, this is not necessary, but if you are using a mobile phone to call the UK, the network service agreement you have must make provision for international calls. You may need to contact your service advisor to arrange this facility.


Dial 00. This is the prefix used to dial any number that is outside of New Zealand. In fact, it is the prefix you would use to call the UK from any country in the world. Consider it a little like the code that signals an "outside line."

Country code

Enter 44 on your phone's keypad. This is the international dialling code for the United Kingdom. It is the same code for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Do not enter the initial zero of the mobile number you are calling. UK mobile numbers are typically eleven digits long, starting with a zero. Omit this first zero when calling from anywhere abroad, including New Zealand.


Enter the remainder of the mobile phone number you wish to call -- typically ten digits. This will comprise a two-digit code that determines the service provider and an eight-digit unique number. In total you should be dialling fourteen digits. You will then be connected.


You may be able to purchase a phone card in New Zealand that reduces the cost of your call to the UK. You will need to dial a local number and enter a pin code before dialling the country code and mobile number. Ask at newsagents and the post office for phone card offers. If you are calling someone who has a UK mobile phone but who is themselves in New Zealand, you will still need to follow the same procedure as the phone will be linked to a UK company and need to be routed via its network. If you were calling to New Zealand from the UK, the process would be the same except you would substitute 64 - - the country code for New Zealand - - instead of 44.

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