Why is the fan on my PS3 so loud?

Written by nick redfern Google
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Why is the fan on my PS3 so loud?
A faulty fan could overheat your PS3. (Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

The fan on a Sony PlayStation 3 home video game console is an important and integral part of the system. If the fan on your PS3 begins to make a lot of noise -- and on a regular basis -- don't ignore the alarming sounds because it is a sign of a problem.

Keeping the PS3 cool

Desktops, laptops and video game consoles all have one thing in common. The more tasks they perform, and the longer they are in use, the hotter they become. The fan of the PS3 performs the very important job of keeping the console chilled. It does this by sucking in cool, exterior air. The cool air regulates the internal temperature of the PS3. Normally, the fan operates with a minimum of sound. If that changes, however, a problem has occurred.

Ventilation and cleaning

Very often, the failure of the fan on a PS3 to work properly is the user's fault. Like all computer equipment, the PS3 works best in a well-ventilated location. It is important to keep that location clean, too. Fans quickly collect dust and dirt as they suck in air to keep a PS3 cool. Over time, this causes blockages to develop in the ventilation system. The fan is then forced to work harder to keep the PS3 cool. The harder the fan struggles to cool the PS3, the louder it gets.

Vacuuming a PS3

Keeping the fan of a PS3 in good working order is not a difficult task. A USB vacuum should be used to carefully suck dust and particles out of the vents of the PS3. A USB vacuum works on the same principle as a normal vacuum-cleaner. The only differences being that it is small, portable and powered by the USB of a computer. Regular cleaning will significantly lessen the chances of a PS3 fan from becoming blocked and overheated.

Colours of concern

In a worst case scenario, the increased noise made by the fan is accompanied by a change in colour in the LED light. Normally, the light should be green when the PS3 is in use. If it changes to red, trouble is brewing. This is a sign that significant overheating is occurring. Shut down the PS3 quickly and allow it to cool down completely. If the elevated noise from the fan is accompanied by a constant yellow light, this can mean damage to hardware from overheating that has already occurred.

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