Is a router needed for a Panasonic Viera?

Updated April 17, 2017

Connecting a Panasonic Viera smart TV set to the internet gives you access to the set's many Viera apps, including video-on-demand services, games, information services and social networks. Like any other internet-enabled device, you'll need to connect the Panasonic Viera to an internet router before it can go online. Connect the TV set wirelessly or with a cable to the same router that you use for your computer.

About internet routers

The router is the gateway between the equipment in your home and the external internet. The router connects to each device wirelessly or with an Ethernet cable and assigns it a unique address. Depending on your home network set up, the router either doubles up as a modem or connects to a separate modem device. Either way, the internet address assigned by the router allows the device to communicate with the rest of the net through the router's external connection to your broadband internet provider.

Viera internet connection options

The options for connecting your Panasonic Viera TV to the internet router depend on the model and age of the set. High-end models typically come equipped with wireless internet adapters, while older and more basic models offer only a local area network (LAN) port for an Ethernet connection. If you have an older or basic model with a LAN port, you can still connect the set to the router wirelessly, but you will first need to buy a wireless adapter "dongle" that plugs in to the TV set's LAN port.

Ethernet or wireless?

Even if your Panasonic Viera set includes an integrated wireless adapter, you should consider connecting with an Ethernet cable instead. Ethernet offers faster data-transfer speeds than a wireless connection, and this is particularly important if you plan to use the Viera's video-on-demand services where slower speeds can cause buffering and playback problems. There's also less set up involved with Ethernet, because you won't have to enter wireless network security passwords to connect to the internet. Wireless might be the best option if the TV set is located some distance from the router and you don't want to install long cable runs through walls, floors and ceilings.

Using the Viera apps

After connecting the Panasonic Viera to the internet, you can access the internet apps by pressing "Viera" or "Internet" on the TV set's remote control handset. This opens the Viera Connect navigator screen, from where you can browse apps by category, including news and weather, social networking, video and movie, games and music. Select the app you want to use to launch it from the category scheme. For subscription-based apps, such as some video-on-demand services, you will need to sign up for an account before you can watch content.

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