List of bad employee characteristics

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List of bad employee characteristics
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It doesn’t matter how thorough your recruitment process is, bad employees will always slip through the net and become time-consuming headaches for bosses and managers across the country. Some bad employees are more overtly disagreeable – others simply inept. Have a look at our list of bad employee characteristics and see if you’re guilty of any.

Hand held

There’s no point employing someone to do a job when you have to stand over them, making sure they do it right and giving guidance every step of the way. Bosses need to be able to delegate and know the job will be done and done well. Someone who needs their hand held all the time shows a lack of initiative and takes other people’s time away from them.

List of bad employee characteristics
Hand held (BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Bad time management

This isn’t about being late on a Monday morning (for that see ‘Poor time keeping’), this is about missing deadlines and not being able to complete tasks within a reasonable time frame. You’re only as fast as your slowest mover, so a slow employee could hold the whole company back. In a new job it might take a little while to fine tune your time management, but after this you have no excuse. If unexpected problems arise, let your line manager know well in advance and try to bring a solution along with the news.


No-one likes a party pooper, and negativity can spread like wildfire around an office and throughout an organisation. Look for solutions rather than dwell on problems and keep anything unhelpful to yourself. It doesn’t mean overdoing it with smiley, happy, sickening positivity, but try and work through issues quickly and with the right people. When times get tough, bosses want affirmative action, not sour faces.

List of bad employee characteristics
Chin up. (Brendon Thorne/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images)

Poor personal relations

A person who is constantly battling with colleagues over the best way to do their job or over what’s best for a project will draw time and energy away from it. It will also require a line manager to intervene and sort it out. Opposing views will always come into play in any work scenario, but as long as the focus is working out what’s best for the group rather than petty individual ambitions and bruised egos things should work out. Personal disagreements and issues from outside the office should not make it into the office and bosses will resent having to deal with them.

Poor timekeeping

Are you the person who regularly comes in late but knows exactly when five o’clock comes? Lots of workplaces don’t pay overtime which entitles you to only work the designated hours, but leaving a job unfinished when five minutes overtime would put the task to bed will really get on your employer’s wick. Brownie points can definitely be earned with even a small amount of optional – and unpaid – overtime.

List of bad employee characteristics
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