Woman at the Well Bible Story Crafts

Updated February 21, 2017

The story of the woman at the well is from chapter four of the book of John. It relates how Jesus meets a Samaritan woman at a well and how his knowledge of her private life and his offer of "living water" change not only her life but the lives of many of those in her village. Use the story to discuss Jesus as the source of life, to show an example of how to share the good news about Jesus and as a discussion about reaching out to those from other cultures.

Make a Well

Print out a stone wall pattern or make one by colouring stones on paper. Look online for such a pattern, get special paper made for scrapbooking from a craft store or draw the outlines of stones to make one yourself. Cut the paper into a strip the right size to wrap around a paper cup. Glue the paper to the cup to make a well.

Map of Holy Land

Find a map that shows Jerusalem and Samaria from your Sunday school curriculum, a Bible atlas, a Christian bookstore or online from a website that offers reproducible maps. Explain to your students that most Jews travelling would avoid Samaria and that Jews didn't have dealings with Samaritans if they could avoid it; yet Jesus reached out to help the woman in the story. Have the children colour the map using crayons or markers. Younger students can just scribble-colour; suggest to older students that they use blue for water areas and light brown for the land areas and colours that show up well against the brown to draw the scene at the well, if desired.

Activity Pages

Print out a colouring page showing the scene of the Bible story or a maze activity page; find them online if your Sunday school curriculum doesn't provide one. Have the children colour the page and help the woman find her way through the maze to the well. These activities are good to use while telling the story if you have students who have a hard time sitting still.

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