Lace Wig Making Tools

Written by jewell briscoe | 13/05/2017
Lace Wig Making Tools
Quality made lace wigs are natural looking and undetectable (Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images)

Although many lace wigs are made on machines at companies that mass produce them, some are made by hand. To make quality lace wigs by hand a wigmaker needs some basic tools of the trade.

Wig Lace

Select the type of lace used specifically for creating lace wigs, French or Swiss lace. Choose the appropriate colour lace based on skin tone. Flesh coloured lace is for fair skin tones. Beige is transparent, which makes it suitable for many different tones. Light brown is best for light brown or tanned skin tones. Use medium brown for medium brown and dark skin tones.

Precision Curved Needle

Stitch the lace foundation together on a styrofoam wig head by using a precision curved needle and hair thread. The thread should be the colour of the hair. You can also make modifications and repairs with this needle.

Ventilating Needle

Secure the lace cap to the styrofoam head with 1-1/4-inch wig T-pins. Use a hair ventilating needle to knot the hair to the lace. The needle is the most important tool for creating lace wigs. It is also used to add highlights or baby hair around the front or back edges of the wig.

Small Crochet Hook

Knot and crochet hair with a small crochet or pulling hook. A small crochet hook has an attached latch that makes it great for underknotting wigs.

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