Fun Things to Make out of Shoe Boxes

Updated July 20, 2017

Shoe boxes are easy to find in most department stores and you often can get them free of charge by simply asking a sales associate. You can cut, glue and colour them since they are made of cardboard, and this makes them a cheap option for creating toys. With a little creativity and some craft supplies, you can turn a simple shoebox into a toy your kids will enjoy playing with for hours.

Animals and Other Creatures

Transforming a shoebox into your child's favourite creature is sure to entertain them. Anything from a giraffe to a robot to a hippo can be made out of a shoebox. Using paint, markers and some toilet paper rolls for limbs or a trunk, create a whole zoo or even creatures from another planet.

Castles and Other Buildings

Shoe boxes can be used to create small spaces that your kids can use to play with their toy soldiers and farm animals. To create a castle out of a shoebox, remove the lid and cut out small squares from the walls. Paint the walls brown, add a brick design and, if you are feeling creative, cut out a big door and attach it with ropes to create an illusion of a moat gate with chains. Other building options include a puppet theatre, barn or any other kind of building your children love, such as a fire station.

Pet Maze

If you are lucky enough to own a pet hamster or bird who enjoys investigating new spaces, building them a play area, such as a maze, out of a shoebox can provide hours of fun for both of you. Create larger mazes by joining shoe boxes with tape and string, and then adding straw, fluff and little toys for your pet to play with. Close all large holes so that your little friend cannot escape, and only place them in the shoebox maze for short periods of time and always under supervision to keep them safe.

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