Easy to Make Crocheted Slippers for Kids

Written by linda becksterhed | 13/05/2017
Easy to Make Crocheted Slippers for Kids
Crocheting is a hobby that can yield comfy foot-warming results. (Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

Crocheting slippers for your children can help you save money and create a customised, comfortable addition to their wardrobe. There are several easy to make patterns for different styles of slippers available online for free.

Ballet Style Slippers

Ballet style crochet slippers are stylish and comfortable, so they are a good solution for a fashion conscious child. A free pattern for crochet ballet slippers that was originally published by Coats and Clark is available on the Yarn Lover's Room website.

Bunny Slippers

Bunny slippers are cuddly and cute, making them a fitting option for younger kids or animal lovers. Craft Town's website has a free pattern for child sized crochet bunny slippers available that fits a child's size five or six foot.

Simple House Slipper

Bev's Country Cottage website has published a quick and simple pattern for a no-frills crochet slipper that can be made in child and adult sizes. There is a continuation at the end of the pattern to add an optional ankle cuff.

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