Victorian Woodworking Tools

Updated April 17, 2017

Victorian-era woodworking tools were made by hand until the Industrial Revolution, when tools could be mass-produced. Tools in the 19th century were used to cut and construct wood for buildings and furniture. Victorian hand-held saws and wood turners are considered common.

Hobby Saws

Some Victorian-era tools are small and hand-held, while others are more elaborate floor models with wrought iron bases. Hobby saws from the Victorian era had wrought iron bases and a distinct Gothic look. These saws were treadle-driven, compact and lightweight. The throat and table of the saw was made for cutting small wood items, such as hobby wood and home decorative items.

Scroll Saw

Scroll saws from the Victorian Era came with a treadle pedal and belt. A scroll saw is a small saw used for home projects and for making useful items, such as candlesticks or items used for storage. Sometimes these saws were used to make gifts for family members during the holidays.

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