How to Change an Intercom Buzzer

Written by ireland wolfe | 13/05/2017
How to Change an Intercom Buzzer
Intercoms are used in some apartment buildings so only authorised guests can gain access. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Intercom buzzers are used in a variety of settings. You might have one at your office, at your apartment building or in your house. When they work, intercoms can save you time and allow you to communicate with people quickly. Intercoms can also be used to provide added security. Although companies will replace your intercom buzzer when it is broken, you can also change your buzzer yourself. In most cases, the process is relatively simple.

Review your owner's manual. The manual will provide a guide explaining how to change or replace your intercom buzzer. Write down the model number of your intercom unit.

Purchase a new buzzer from a hardware store. Make sure that the buzzer will fit with the make and model of your intercom.

Turn off the electrical power to your intercom before changing the buzzer. Remove the wires that connect the buzzer to the intercom unit.

Unfasten the buzzer. In some cases, you will need to unscrew the buzzer piece. In other cases, it may just pop out.

Attach the wires of the new buzzer to the intercom unit. If your unit has separate wires, make sure you attach the each wire to the correct wire of the intercom. They will be colour coded.

Fasten the buzzer securely by screwing any mounts to the unit. Turn the electricity back on and test the new buzzer.

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