How to Remove Lumps From Frosting

Updated February 21, 2017

Lumpy frosting can clog a piping bag and make your confection look amateurish. Skilled bakers know that in order to get the smoothest, most appealing finish, they must begin with frosting that contains no lumpy sugar chunks. If your homemade frosting has visible lumps or feels grainy, smooth it out before icing your cake or cupcakes. Smooth frosting is easier to use and gives the finished dessert a glossy, delicious look. Fix hard, lumpy icing in just minutes and get the product you want.

Place a small bowl under a small hand-held sieve. Spoon some of the frosting in the sieve.

Push the frosting through the sieve using the back of the spoon. This will force the lumps out of the frosting.

Scrape out any lumps of sugar or shortening clinging to the sieve, then add more frosting. Continue to push the frosting through the sieve until all the lumps are removed and your frosting is smooth.

Pour 1 tsp milk in a glass bowl with the frosting.

Beat the frosting and milk together for 1 minute, using an electric mixer on high speed.

Check frosting with a spoon. If the frosting is still lumpy add another teaspoon of milk and blend again. If the frosting becomes too thin, refrigerate it for 30 minutes before using it.

Things You'll Need

  • Fine sieve
  • Milk
  • Electric mixer
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